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Germany's Responsibility for World War I Essay

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Germany's Responsibility for World War I

After World War I fingers immediately began to be pointed as to who caused the war. At the Versailles Peace Conference, 1919 the victorious powers, the Triple Entente, placed entire fault on Germany, forcing them to admit blame and pay the huge war debts. However even in this day and age who is to blame for the First World War is still a much-debated subject, as historians presented new interpretations to the events, which lead up to WWI. This essay will discuss to what extent Germany was responsible for the war in perspective with other key events, which also played a part in igniting World War I.

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Industrialization within Germany was booming, allocating more money to be spent on military reforms, etc. As Britain is an island, the government deemed it imperative for her to have the best navy available and Germany, desiring to prove her military strength united a naval race between the two, which infuriated Britain. Yet the Scheiffen Plan is one of the biggest arguments in favor of Germany being to blame for causing WWI. It called for fast mobilization of troops and the quick invasion of neighboring countries (before they were able to gather their troops), as to avoid a two front war, this is what brought Britain into the war, as the Kaiser insisted on invading France through Belgium which was in alliance of neutrality with Britain.

This along with the ‘Blank Check’ which was given by Germany to Austria to do what they felt necessary in the Balkans (Serbia), after the assassination of Duke Ferdinand, are where many historians such as Fritz Fischer draw their criticisms of Germany, and argue her to be the main cause of WWI. By researching government documents, many never before seen by normal citizens, Fisher drew that the Kaiser’s government cold bloodedly planned the outbreak of WWI from 1912 onwards. “Fischer believes that the First World War was no preventative war, born out of fear and desperation; it

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Germany was to blame for the First World War, but only to a certain extent. Germany were not solely to blame, but did contribute greatly to the sequence of events that led to war.   Germany were a major contributor to the Arms Race, caused tension between many European countries, made alliances, were extremely nationalistic and encouraged Austria – Hungary to declare war on Serbia. Despite this, Germany were not the only power hungry nation to blame for the war.
Germany was part of the reason that the Arms Race happened.   The Arms race was the naval rivalry between the British and German navies. Britain had always had the strongest navy forces, but a power hungry Germany sought to change this. It goes without saying this would have caused tension between Germany and Britain, especially since Germany thought Britain where overreacting.   This was shown by Kaiser Wilhelm in an interview with the Daily Telegraph in 1908: “You English are like mad bulls: you see red everywhere! What on earth has come over you, that you should heap on such suspicion?”   Despite Kaiser Wilhelm denying there was competition between them, both countries, paranoid the other would attack, sought to seek alliances with neighbouring countries. These alliances were a crucial factor to all aspects of the war. If Germany hadn’t been so power hungry, the war may not have been the same war, we know of today.
Germany seem to have believed that war was best way to solve conflicts between nations. The assassination of Franz Ferdinard left Austria-Hungary flaming. Austria-Hungary composed a list of demands for Serbia and threatened that unless they met them, a war would break out.   This idea of an ultimatum resulting in war was favoured highly by Germany whom were allies with Austria- Hungary. Russia, previously on good terms with Germany, was allies with Serbia. After they agreed to help Serbia, tensions rose and the nations became rivals. Germany declared war on Russia with the following speech from...

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