A Dissertation On Waste Management

Citizen involvement and solid waste management planning

Annemie Laarakker, University of Pennsylvania


Since the nineteen seventies, the siting of a municipal solid waste facility has been the product of policy making and planning processes at all levels of government. Ideally, municipal solid waste management planning results in a long term strategy for environmentally safe and economical waste treatment and disposal. However, public opposition often hinders the implementation of such strategies. Therefore, the issue of public opposition has to be examined in the context of municipal solid waste management planning and implementation. Vice versa, the form and content of municipal solid waste management planning and implementation processes shape the opposition. This study explores the history of policy making and planning for municipal solid waste management in the United States. Subsequently, it examines several cases of facility siting and closing in Gloucester and Burlington Counties in New Jersey. The resulting dissertation clarifies the roles of both decision makers and takers with respect to municipal solid waste planning and implementation at the county level in New Jersey, as well as the impact of citizen activism on these processes. This clarification leads to the identification of a new citizen involvement, characterized by public debate and citizen oversight. Citizen oversight committees monitor operational municipal solid waste facilities, while the public debate engages an interested citizenry early on in decision making with respect to municipal solid waste management. ^

Subject Area

Urban and Regional Planning

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Laarakker, Annemie, "Citizen involvement and solid waste management planning" (1994). Dissertations available from ProQuest. AAI9503787.


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24 Impressive Dissertation Topics On Waste Management

There are numerous disciplines in which you can be asked to write a dissertation on waste management. This opens multiple avenues and options when searching for the best topic. Waste management has been studied for decades yet there seems to be no solution in sight. The paper therefore gives a writer an opportunity to explore new ideas that will change the perspective and understanding of the masses.

To avoid repetition and mundane topics in this area, it is important to find a unique and fresh topic. Further, the topic you select should easily and naturally resonate with your reader. This means that it must address issues that are of concern to them. The topic should be captivating enough to motivate an individual to peruse through your entire paper instead of stopping at the title. Here are options to consider.

Here is a list of 24 impressive dissertation topics on waste management.

  1. Domestic waste generation as an effective management tool
  2. Localized waste management to reduce the carbon footprints in management
  3. A comparative study of waste management policies in different cities
  4. Rural area waste management and its effectiveness
  5. The application of technology in managing waste
  6. Technology residues and their effects on waste piling and management
  7. Maximizing the recycling process for electronic waste
  8. Renewable energy and its waste management benefits
  9. Public perception of desirability of waste management approach by different cities
  10. Domestic gardens and their input in managing kitchen waste
  11. Reducing red mite infestation through proper waste management
  12. A prison based study on how to reduce food waste
  13. Tax incentives for hotels to reduce food wastage
  14. Waste-ground rejoinder as a bio-diversity approach for industrial sites
  15. Lengthening the environmental lifecycle through repair, recycles and reuse in institutions
  16. Healthy disposal of food wastes through compost
  17. Cost effective management of compost waste
  18. Increasing anaerobic digestive process
  19. Green waste for bio-gas and bio fertilizer generation to reduce pollution
  20. Energy generation through vegetable composting
  21. Privatization of waste management and its impact on the cost
  22. Should waste disposal be charged considering the eminent benefits
  23. When waste management processes and accessories lead to generation of more waste
  24. The future of waste management technology

While there is a lot you can say in your dissertation on waste management, ensure that you provide a fresh approach to the topic. Consult your committee and supervisor to ensure that you select an appropriate topic for your paper.

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